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Together we can keep Uilenstede Campus a safe place to live. A number of measures are already in place. However, there is more to be done and we cannot achieve this alone. We need your help! Read more to see what we have done so far and, more importantly, what you can do to help.

Achievements on campus

Learn What You Can Do


Your Safety Team

Achievements on campus

Everyone prefers a pleasant and safe place to live, and students are no exception. Uilenstede Campus is the largest student campus in Northern Europe, home to approximately 3400 residents. To make sure it remains a pleasant and safe place to live, VBU residents’ association, DUWO Housing Corporation, the Municipality of Amstelveen, Amstelland fire department, the police department and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have all joined forces. A number of measures are already underway.

What we have achieved

  • Camera surveillance in public spaces
  • Access to apartment building (high-rise 2) restricted through an intercom system
  • Removal of bridge to Arboretum lane
  • Clean-up of tunnel under Beneluxbaan
  • Two designated areas for portable barbecues have been replaced by permanent barbecues
  • Study of traffic speed in the vicinity and expansion of scooter parking
  • Countering growing numbers of abandoned bicycles

Learn What You Can Do

Practising safety is stupidly simple, you only have to do it. Read on to see what you can do to keep yourself and your environment safe. 

Prevent uninvited guests

  • Do you want to know all the tricks to guard your safety? Read about Freds’ special Tour this Spring here!
  • Lock your front door securely.
  • Wait and make sure that the door has closed behind you.
  • Don’t let strangers follow you into the building. Always ask them if they live in the building or who they are visiting.
  • When you organize a (big)party, make sure you know the people who attend your party.

Fire Safety

  • Check the batteries of the smoke detectors regularly (a good reminder of when to do so is the first Monday of every month during the testing of the air raid alarm). Read more!
  • Want to get a free smoke alarm? Read more!
  • Fire? Not if I can help it: Read more!
  • Keep the escape routes clear: Read more!
  • Do you know what to do in the event of a pan fire? Read more!
  • General fire safety tips on website of Netherlands Fire Service in English or Dutch.

Personal Safety

  • On your way home, take a well-lit route with camera surveillance (see map).
  • Know what to do in case of emergency, useful information for International students on Campus Uilenstede. Read more!
  • Actual Police information for the Uilenstede neighbourhood (in Dutch). Read more!


  • Fred on Tour! Do you want to know all the tricks to guard your safety? Ask Fred – the police officer of Campus Uilenstede. Read more!
  • The Amsterdam Fire Department gives not only advice but also free fire alarms to the students on Campus Uilenstede. If you want a free inspection of your room and general advice please contact 020-555 6000 or samenbrandveilig@brandweeraa.nl
  • Article in local newspaper (in Dutch) about extension of camera surveillance at Campus Uilenstede. AmstelveenZ, 21 September 2017
  • For latest news and events on Campus Uilenstede you could always check the VBU Facebook page (mainly in Dutch): Read more!

Your Safety Team

Together we can achieve more: that’s why VBU residents’ association, DUWO housing corporation, the Municipality of Amstelveen, Amstelland fire department, the police department and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have all joined forces to make sure Uilenstede Campus remains a pleasant and safe place to live. Who are these partners?

The Vereniging Bewoners Uilenstede (VBU) is a tenants organization, with the goal of serving the interest of the residents of Uilenstede. The VBU also tries to make the campus a bit more lively. The committee of the VBU organizes a few parties and activities during the year.

DUWO is the Netherlands’ largest provider of student accommodation. They have 31,000 rooms and apartments in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Delft, The Hague, Deventer, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Leiden and Wageningen. DUWO offers housing to every student who needs a place to stay

The Municipality of Amstelveen is happy to help and has already taken a range of measures to improve security and safety at Uilenstede Campus. Click here for a comprehensive overview of the improvements made

Amstelland Fire Department is an indispensable part of this safety team. Its aim is to increase awareness in all aspects of fire safety.

The police, like the fire department, are an essential partner when it comes to making Uilenstede Campus a safe place to stay. What can the police do for you, but, more importantly, what can you do to keep Uilenstede Campus safe and secure?

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) is a dynamic university that is constantly evolving in response to the issues and needs of our time. VU Amsterdam has a welcoming, centrally located, city campus in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. It is a place where people feel at home, meet each other and engage in new forms of collaboration. The same is true of Uilenstede Campus. To maintain these high standards, we are more than happy to be part of this collaboration


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